Snom D120

$63.99 CAD

Simple but effective entry-level VoIP solution

Snom D715

$99.99 CAD

A professional desk phone with high-speed connectivity and high quality audio

Snom D717

$135.99 CAD

Advanced German engineering

Snom D735

$190.99 CAD

The world's first sensor-supported IP telephone

Snom D785

$220.99 CAD

Next Generation VoIP

Snom D7

$134.99 CAD

A high-performance, high-resolution, easy-to-use expansion module

Snom PA1

$218.99 CAD

Snom PA1: A fine-tuned business solution

Snom 2362

$92.99 CAD

Go wireless with your Snom desk phone

Snom M325

$254.99 CAD

The Snom M325 bundle represents the enterprise grade DECT VoIP system.

Snom M700

$380.99 CAD

Mobility with a VoIP cordless DECT multi-cell base station

Snom M25

$138.99 CAD

A DECT handset for professional business use

Snom M65

$218.99 CAD

Versatile mobile business communication functionality

Snom M85

$549.99 CAD

Rugged, durable Industrial DECT handset

Snom M5

$172.99 CAD

Extending the range of your DECT solution

Snom C520

$355.99 CAD

Now, you can clearly hear, spread out and speak without shouting.

Snom A100D

$79.99 CAD

A wired binaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance

Snom A100M

$65.99 CAD

A wired monaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance


$218.99 CAD

Snom PA1: A fine-tuned business solution

World Class Features

Why we love the products.

German Engineering

Snom's high standards in engineering come from their German heritage. Snom's have unparalleled craftsmanship, elegant design, practicality and cost effectiveness.


Although Snom phones already have high-quality workmanship. They also carry a guaranteed warranty period of 3 years for all products!

Sophisticated Software

15-year history of development and improvement. Snom is secure and equips the business professional with over 900 telephone features and settings

Free Remote provisioning

The Snom Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service (SRAPS) enables secure zero-touch Phone deployment. This service comes completely free of charge to Snom customers.

Need VoIP Service?

We've partnered with to provide best in class service at an excellent price. They offer SIP service for Only $20 per line... No-Nonsense


We at are a registered Snom Reseller who's excited to offer Snom phones to the people of Canada. We've been using their products since the early 2000's and have 1st hand knowledge of the superior product, warranty and customer support offered. We Strive to offer the same quality of service and support we've received to our customers.

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